NEW! Sperm testing services




We have a new service that we will shortly be offering our clients. We will be offering semen analysis for all prospective stud dogs, plus checking stud boys who may have issues. Many clients are asking where they can get their stud boys tested, well here we are!


Due to the demand we have invested in a semen concentration analysis machine (photometer). We can also use this when we are doing our regular stud work to show clients the quality of the sperm of the dog they have choosen to use. Its all very interesting and clients love to see the semen under the microscope when they come to use one of our dogs.


I already have a standard microscope but this is top of the range and can print out the sperm quality so clients have proof that their dogs sperm is of good quality. We are always striving to improve our service, so this is another step forward for us, I am sure it will prove very popular, plus it gives peace of mind to our clients when coming to use our dogs, that they have quality sperm.